Creators Guide

What is GlowClub

GlowClub (  is an adult media-sharing and streaming platform focusing on African and black creators. 

GlowClub seeks to create a rewarding adult entertainment and porn experience, where users and creators can earn badges, ranks, and coins for different achievements such as the number of media purchased, the number of media uploaded by a creator, etc.

GlowClub is open to both NSFW & SFW Adult Creators.

What is G-Coin

G-Coin is a digital currency used for all transactions on GlowClub, which includes paying for premium content, tipping creators, rewards etc. 

Streamers have to fund their wallets with G-Coins before they can access paid and premium content.

Creators can withdraw and convert earned G-Coins, with payment made via Bank Transfer


Some of the major features of GlowClub includes

  • Pay Per View: Streamers have to pay with G-Coins for each premium content they want to access.
  • Timed Content: Creators have the ability to set the duration they want a content to be available to a Streamer. Once the validity expires, streamers have to buy the content again. Duration is set and calculated in hours
  • Ranks & Badges: This is a gamification experience where Ranks are assigned to users based on total G-Coins accumulated, the more G-Coins you accumulate, the higher your rank increases. Specific rewards are assigned based on rank. Streamers accumulate G-Coins by buying them, while Creators accumulate G-Coins by earning them. Badges are assigned to users based on certain achievements, badges for Creators includes Porn Star, Cashing Out, NSFW Merchant, Dedication.  CLICK HERE to view all badge details and ranks
  • Points Rewarding: G-Coins are rewarded to both Streamers and Creators based attaining certain ranks and achieving certain badges.
  • Purple Tick for Verified Creators: Purple Tick is a badge assigned to Creators who have met certain criteria. They include but are not limited to:

    1. Uploading a minimum of 10 videos, with a minimum duration of 5mins.
    2. Premium content sales of up to 100GC.

    Verified Creators get more recommendations to Streamers and content marketing opportunities than Regular Creators.

Benefit for Creators

  1. Make money on your terms.
  2. Reach more organic audiences in Africa and other countries around the world.
  3. Benefit from a platform that focuses on promoting its creators, producers, and studios. We are “Creator-Centric”
  4. Benefit from a platform that is focused on Original African & Black content.
  5. Transparent and Higher Pay/View model than most adult streaming platforms.
  6. Opportunity to get extra perks and gift items.

How to improve your content sale

As much as we pride ourselves in being “Creator-Centric” by promoting our Creators and their content, there is only so much we can do. 

Promoting your Channel and Content through your social media pages and other outlets would be help.


Here are few tips:

  1. Add your Channel link to your link in bio across social media platforms.
  2. Post your content teasers regularly on your social media platforms. Always remember to add a link to your channel or content to the post.
  3. Take advantage of your WhatsApp and Snapchat stories.
  4. Engage your followers and audience with your post by letting them know they can get rewarded for buying your content.
  5. Tease your subscribers and audience with free content. Free content, mostly teasing short videos is a good way to promote your full length premium content.

Creators influencers Program

We are open to collaborate with influencers in the Adult Industry in promoting Glowclub. This partnership will run for specific duration as specified by GlowClub.


Creators would be remunerated in one of the following ways

  1. Through Commission Reduction: The standard commission of 25% charged by GlowClub on every content sale would be reduced to a certain amount, for a certain duration as agreed by both parties.
  2. With G-coin: Creators would be paid in G-coins which they can withdraw through their account on the platform. This would be dependent on the duration of the contract. 

The method of payment is dependent on the agreement made.   

Click the button below to contact us via WhatsApp, if you are having issues with your application